The adventure park at Kalevipoeg's Home offers thrills and challenges between the ground and the sky. Anyone who is willing to test the limits of their abilities will have an unforgettable experience on the adventure trails, be they higher up or lower down.

People usually make their way through the adventure park in teams, so in addition to physical abilities, mutual trust and other important character traits are developed. To reassure anyone who is hesitant, you will find our instructors everywhere offering advice and help, and no one is left to their own devices (unless they wish to be).



Adventure trail (higher up)

'Plane' was a ship that Kalevipoeg wanted to sail to the end of the world. You can put your mental and physical endurance to the test on the trail to find out if you are worthy of Kalevipoeg.

We raise the sails and face down the difficulties along the way to break through the waves to the end of the world. Hedgehogs who share wisdom and teach people how to sail safely travel with us.

To access the trail, you need to be at least 150 cm tall.

Duration: at least 1 hour, but you can stay on the trail for up to 3 hours if desired.

Description: The programme begins by putting on safety equipment and undergoing safety training, which is given at the start of the trail under the guidance of an instructor. All the most important wisdom is tested on the ground. After that, we climb the high adventure trail and make our way through its various elements. An instructor will also help you on the trail, offering encouragement and support and spurring you on with both their strength and advice. To ensure a positive experience, the safety requirements must be followed and you must make your way through the elements according to the instructions.



Adventure trail (lower down)

We travel back in time and undertake a journey from the legend of Kalevipoeg. As a united team, we cross the bay to deliver a sword from Tuuslar, a spy in Hell for Sarvik-Father, look for a way through to the end of the world, and much more.

Duration: 1-2 hours

Description: Teamwork exercises on a lower adventure trail that will put your teamwork to the test. Participants are divided into groups, where necessary, and then proceed to the adventure trail. Each element of the trail has its own story about the legend of Kalevipoeg, which is passed on to the group. This is how you move on from one exercise to the next. Here the teams have to communicate and cooperate in order to complete the exercises properly.

Additional information: Please dress according to the weather. To prevent injuries, we recommend wearing a long-sleeved top, trousers or jeans and closed sneakers. Closed shoes with a hard sole are best. Wear a cap or head scarf to keep your hair in check. Your hair should be tied back in any case. Also bring work gloves to protect your hands.